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Online Poker Legalities

If you live outside of the United States, then there’s a good chance that you can play online poker whenever you want without worrying about any legalities. If you play online poker within the United States, then your options are limited. If you live in Nevada, Delaware, or New Jersey, then you can play online poker whenever you want. It’s 100% legal. Pennsylvania might be next. Otherwise, the laws are gray. Technically, unless you live in the state of Washington, you can play poker online. However, you’re not allowed to transfer any funds. This had led to many upset American poker players. What most people don’t realize is that since Black Friday happened—the day online poker in America was shut down in 2011—American poker players have fallen behind other players in regards to skill. This pertains to online poker, not live poker. Based on this occurrence, if online poker becomes legal in the United States again, and those American players can play against others from around the world, then the American poker players will become the fish.

Don’t Be a Fish

If you’re an American and you don’t want to be a fish at the poker table, then you might want to educate yourself on some basic strategies. In truth, there is no substitute for experience, but reading poker books like Poker Notes and Super System will help give you a head start. You will be armed with knowledge that most others players don’t have. For example, if you’re playing in a No Limit tournament and someone open-raises three times (3x) the Big Blind from the button, do you know what that’s likely to mean? It likely means that they’re trying to steal the blinds because everyone folded to them. Therefore, you should call and see a flop. This is even the case if you have bad cards. You need to send a message that you will not be run over. 

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